Lost Highway

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Set on the road, in forlorn honky-tonks and eventually in Carnegie Hall and a Nashville recording studio, this novel documents the career of country musician Sapper Reeves and the Still Creek Boys. Sapper’s banjo melodies are haunting, and his original lyrics inspired, but for years his achievements are minimal. He loves nothing more than his wife and son, but his constant touring tears the family apart. Only after his career seems shattered and his son is almost destroyed by combat in Vietnam does Sapper finally attain success with his music and a better family life.

Narrated mainly in brief vignettes, the story is sparse but engaging. Like many country songs, it displays aching loneliness and bitter failure but also the redemptive power of love and fidelity to one’s dreams. Currey’s terseness averts sentimentality but still offers homey wisdom and celebrates abiding human values.

 “Currey has an unerring eye for detail, for the everyday wonders of life.”

— The San Francisco Chronicle

Lost Highway is a book to linger over, full of passages worth re-reading, moments flashing with life, and, like a good country song, filled with spaces where we see our lives reflected”
–The Boston Globe

“When Richard Currey writes fiction, he speaks the truth. The poetry of his language, his wisdom, his compassion, sets us free. His journeys into the human heart are tiny miracles … and when we finish Lost Highway we do so with a mysterious sense of revelation. The final chapters of this novel stir the heart and mind in ways only the best fiction can achieve.”
–Dallas Morning News

“This novel by the much—praised Currey is as eloquently piercing and deeply American as a classic folk ballad…told in haunting prose that allows Lost Highway to emerge on the page like music itself.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

“This enthralling narrative spanning a half—century in the life of a country musician traces the years and miles that divide father and son, husband and wife: the same years that, ironically, will serve to reconcile them in the end. Lost Highway takes us someplace better than we could have planned for ourselves—our task is to grow enough to recognize it. The book’s hero Sapper Reeves calls his songs ‘small legends of the miles.’ Lost Highway, too, is a legend of the miles—and no small one.”

 –The Seattle Times

“Outstanding…Currey strums the language in Lost Highway, capturing with haunting poignancy the nuances of hillbilly dialects, rough-edged roadhouses, and the deafening silences of estrangement. And Currey never falls into cliche: his powerfully wrought images serve as a barrier to sentimentality in a novel that travels down long emotional backroads and hills of desperation, where endurance rides shotgun for melancholy…this exceptional paean to American music echoes with the full, smoky vocals of Currey’s lyricism.”
–Kansas City Star
“Richard Currey is one of those gems whose writing, like Venus in the night sky, seems to shine brighter than others. The more you read Lost Highway, the more his writing takes on a mesmerizing glow…”
–Albuquerque Journal